How to Apply for an E Signature Card in UAE? Full Guide 2024

e signature card in UAE

The e-signature card or electronic card in the UAE, represents a digital document to help individuals perform their business and legal procedures electronically. This advanced digital document streamline processes while ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

In simple words, Electronic signatures are used to sign a document digitally instead of doing it manually on paper. Customers only have to pay the e-signature card fee of around AED 200 in the Emirates.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth overview of the UAE eCard, including the process for acquiring an electronic signature and the key benefits associated with its possession. So, let’s dive into the comprehensive detail!

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What is an e-signature Card?

The UAE e-signature card is a digital tag to help individuals and organizations sign documents electronically, without relying on traditional paper-based signatures. This secure and legally recognized method of signing documents is now gaining huge popularity across various industries in the UAE.

 An e-card is like an embedded electronic chip with the cardholder’s fingerprint and holds the person’s credentials. The signatures on electronic cards can be in any form, such as symbols, images, or signatures.

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How to Apply for an e-Signature Card in Dubai and UAE?

Residents, owners, certified signatories, and delegates in the UAE can now obtain their digital ID cards through the Ministry of Labor (MoHRE) and TASHEEL Service Centers or participating enterprises. Below is a detailed guide about the complete process and requirements for acquiring this facility in the United Arab Emirates.

Documents Required

To apply for an e-signature card, you must possess the following documents:

  • A colored photograph with a white background of the authorized signatory
  • A valid Identity Card
  • A copy of a valid Passport
  • Contact details, such as phone number or Email address. If the individual doesn’t have a private phone no. in the Ministry’s record, he must open the file as a foreigner to complete the application procedure.

Application Procedure

To initiate the application process for eCards in the Emirates, you must follow these quick and simple steps:

  • Visit TASHEEL Service Centers or participating establishments to apply for an electronic signature card.
  • For the online application, you can access the MoHRE platform by logging in with your username and password or using the UAE Pass.
  • Fill out the application form and submit it through either the Service Centers of Tasheel or the service delivery channels.
  • The Ministry of Labor’s authorized personnel will verify your application and the accompanying documents.
  • After successful verification, your application for the E-Signature Card will be dually approved.
  • The Ministry will provide you with a unique reference number (specific to each inhabitant) for the record.

Terms and Conditions for UAE e-Signature Card

  • The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation usually takes 1-2 working days to issue e-cards.
  • The digital signature card fee in the UAE is 120-200 dirhams (excluding tax and collection charges).
  • You can get free digital card services through the MoHRE website and Mobile App. However, some tax and government fees may be applied.
  • The authorized signatory is required to maintain a file in the Ministry for the personal identification number.
  • Applicants can track their application status via the MoHRE Android App or the official website by contacting the Call Center at 600590000, available from 8 am to 8 pm.

From Where to Renew the Digital Signature Card?

To obtain an E-signature Card for your company in the UAE, you can visit any of the Tasheel Service Centers located nationwide. Tasheel service representatives will replace the old manual PRO card or internet card, containing the company’s number and signatures of the owner and other authorized signatories, with the advanced digital signature card.

Legal Aspects of Acquiring an e-Signature Card in the UAE

It is imperative to understand that, from a legal perspective, an electronic signature carries the same validity as a traditional ink signature. In the UAE, the complete guideline for the usage of electronic signatures is outlined in the Federal Decree under law number 46.

Also, you should carry an electronic signature generation device along its corresponding digital certificate. These certificates can be obtained through the authorized service providers.

The possession of these essential documents is important, especially during travel as they substantiate the authenticity of the electronic document, underlining their significance in the electronic signature process.

Key Benefits of Digital ID Card in the Emirates

Possessing this card eliminates the need for visiting the Customer Service or Customer Satisfaction Centers for fingerprint scanning, thus enhancing convenience in document authentication processes.

The electronic card facilitates seamless business operations and ensures the legal validity of essential procedures. Let’s have a look at detailed overview of its key benefits in the digital world:

Cost Efficiency

The shift to digital signatures results in substantial cost savings for businesses by reducing expenses associated with printing, courier services, and storage. Therefore, organizations can optimize their resources and allocate funds to other critical areas of operation.

Enhances Productivity

E-signature cards help users to sign documents online within a few moments, reducing the time and effort spent on manual paperwork. This is especially crucial in business transactions where timely approvals and agreements are essential.

Furthermore, this digital card eliminates the need of employees, staff, or clients to visit specific locations to sign the contract physically. Instead, it enables them to collaborate seamlessly from anywhere around the world.

Secures Data and Privacy

Security is a top benefit of the E-Signature Card, featuring advanced encryption mechanisms that protect the confidentiality and integrity of digitally signed documents. By adhering to robust security protocols, this digital solution helps individuals and companies in safe business transactions.

Improves Accessibility

The facility of the e-signature card offers a substantial reduction in the processing time of e-commerce transactions. The signing of each document is expedited, requiring only a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks, hence allowing swift closure of deals and increased revenue for the company. 

Complies with Legal Requirements

The E-Signature Card aligns with the stringent regulations set forth by the UAE government. This legal framework ensures that digitally signed documents hold the same legal weight as their paper counterparts. Additionally, e-cards in the UAE reduce the risk of legal disputes and enhance confidence in the legal validity of e-signed documents.

Improves Collaboration

Electronic signatures improve interaction among customers, companies, and suppliers by signing legal agreements more quickly and effectively. Likewise, these digital tags also help optimize transaction procedure by complying with the Emirates Law.

What is a Digital Certificate?

A digital certificate is a computerized document issued to an individual, company, or specific team, enabling them to access e-signature generation services. Possessing a digital certificate is the legal requirement for utilizing an electronic signature generation device to produce UAE e-cards.

Digital Certifications Service Provider Companies (DCSP)

A Digital Validation Service Provider Company or DCSP is a team of certified individuals who provide digital certification services for electronic signatures.

A person can apply for a DCSP permit license through the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA).

To apply for a DCSP license, the TRA requires the submission of the following documents:

  • Ownership details and information about your business structure
  • Financial information spanning two years or less if your organization is relatively new
  • Evidence of insurance coverage demonstrating sufficient protection for carrying out your responsibilities as a DCSP
  • Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Comprehensive detail about your profession and employment history
  • Confirmation that you will be able to undertake DCSP duties while keeping in view the legal perspectives

Bottom Line

The e-signature card in the UAE emerges as a key player in the digital shift that simplifies tasks and ensures legal compliance. It is a reliable way to contribute to a more efficient and legally sound business environment.

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